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Continental Food Store

Continental Food Store

New User Update:

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EMY is always improving, we are so exited to start our new adventure with him!

A new user has open a new store in EMY,

checkout our first African Caribbean Store! 20 Stores so far in 3 months and Growing! They mostly sell food, hair and beauty products from all over Africa and the Caribbean.

Continental Food Store Uxbridge.

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Here is what he say:

“Hello there and Welcome to Continental Food Store Uxbridge.

At Continental Food store, we provide any type of African and Caribbean food you need.

We believe that nutrition plays an important part in your health and behavior.

We have chosen to stock the following foods because we believe them to fulfil the require.

Email me at: mike.okoli@sky.com.

Or call me on: 07861387664

Thank You!”


Connect with Us:


We did it for you.

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Hey  We are finally going!

Hey We are finally going!

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