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EMY goal is to break the traditional way people run their businesses providing innovative and reliable products and services, talented people and a responsible and imaginative new direction to run a business. EMY is not just a place to sell and buy products and services, EMY allows users to enjoy interactions between friends, people and businesses.




EMY desires are persistent in our pursuit of both discovery and innovation, creating technologies and providing services that empower. Our purpose is to give you the freedom to take a journey and discover new experiences, to take charge of your world. It’s the power to connect who you are today with who you want to be tomorrow. In a changing world, we’re giving you the tools of the future.

Our Story

We want to help you grow! We Sell you Run.

Local shops sell a wide range of products at affordable prices. Many people get out of the habit of shopping locally and are then surprised by the range of local products available. By using your local shop you are able to get local specialities which big chain shops and supermarkets will not stock.


We saw the need. The ecommerce market as a whole is a thriving one, and the online marketplace landscape has many key and smaller players. At EMY we believe in small businesses and have situated ourselves on a unique position with them. Unlike those big corporate companies, we want them to thrive, because what the small businesses fails to understand is that their size allows them to learn faster and react quicker to form many different partnerships and a personalised relationship with their customers.

What we do

EMY specialises in technology which sellers utilise to build or improve their own businesses and brands, and through which they also have the ability to sell products or services; it also allows buyers to invest in small businesses in the platform and be part of a multiplatform ecosystem.


How it works?

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Isaac Stephane,

Isaac Stephane is the founder of MY-EMY. EMY helps small businesses build they own store, brand or company and to sell.

As a young visionary he has worked closely with an array of companies of all sizes and stages, from all parts of the world and still today he has great contact with those companies.

Currently he is fully involved in his project seeking new long-term investments.

Raised in UK and Spain he is fluent in five languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, and Japanese.  He currently resides in London.

He is a member of various NGOs of which goal is to fight bad nutrition in Africa and show the world the potential of their students.




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