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  FAQs – Frequently asked questions     Business Enquiries   I am a local business, how do I sign up with My-Emy? At the home page on the top right click ‘Business sign-up’. This provides information on benefits, delivery, product uploads and the different business plans that work around you and your business! For more info, please email customerservice@my-emy.com   How am I notified I have received an order? A notification email is sent to the email registered to let you know of the order placed with a confirmation receipt.   How does the purchase & payment work? Once an order has been placed by the customer, you will receive a notification. The payme... »

Tempting Food Delicatessen

Tempting Food Delicatessen

New User Update:           EMY is always improving, we are so exited to start our new adventure with him! A new user has open a new store in EMY, checkout our first Middle east spices Store! 25 Stores so far in 4 months and Growing! They mostly sell Spices and Nuts. Tempting Food Delicatessen  Profile Link: https://my-emy.com/members/ew/profile/ Shop Link: https://my-emy.com/members/ew/shop/ Here is what he say: “Hello guys welcome to our EMY Shop! We are located in Uxbridge Pavilion shopping centre , unit 6. Please visit us“. Thank You!” Connect with Us: We did it for you. »

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