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Business Enquiries


I am a local business, how do I sign up with My-Emy?

At the home page on the top right click ‘Business sign-up’. This provides information on benefits, delivery, product uploads and the different business plans that work around you and your business! For more info, please email customerservice@my-emy.com


How am I notified I have received an order?

A notification email is sent to the email registered to let you know of the order placed with a confirmation receipt.


How does the purchase & payment work?

Once an order has been placed by the customer, you will receive a notification. The payment will be made instantly onto your ‘My account dashboard’. You can transfer the funds into your bank account.


How does the delivery work?

Depending on the time of order, we offer same day delivery on all products. Once an order is placed, a delivery person will come into store to collect the product. Once you are satisfied payment is visible on your dashboard, the product is purchased and delivered to the customer.


What if there has been a price change or we no longer stock the product?

That’s okay! You can edit/delete the product by first clicking onto ‘edit shop’. Then search for the product under your shop and next to the product will be an edit button to edit your product or a delete option to remove the product off the listings.







What is My-Emy?

My-Emy is an online e-commerce platform for grocery shopping from local shops to big retailers! This platform also helps local businesses to reach their customer base online, as well offering customers niche products where you may only find them in local shops.

You can buy fresh groceries and organic foods and have it delivered straight to your door!


What shops/retailers are on My-Emy?

On My-Emy, you can purchase products from big retailers such as Tesco and Lidl as well as range of local businesses we work with across South-east England. We are always adding new businesses and retailers – keep an eye out for new businesses on the platform.


What if the products I order are out of stock in store?

We try our best to deliver what you order, however in cases where there is no stock in-store we will get a like-for-like product.


I wish to place an order, I want a specific product I can’t find on My-Emy?

We are constantly updating our website, in cases where you’re unable to see a product you’re certain a retailer or your local shop stocks – please email us on customerservice@my-emy.com. We will do our very best to add the product to the website, we will let you know when the item has been added and its availability to purchase.


I haven’t received my order confirmation?

Order confirmations are sent when the order has been allocated to a driver. Our team will give you a complementary call to notify you of your order and any information provided regarding delivery restrictions will be forwarded onto the driver. Please allow up-to 1-3 hours to receive your order confirmation.


Can I save money shopping on My-Emy?

Yes! We frequently offer promotions, keep an eye out and you may get a good deal off your total groceries or your delivery charge!


Can I buy from multiple shops?

Yes! You can cross-buy products from different retailers and local shops!


Are the products fresh?

Yes, we collect the products in-store same day as the delivery so you can be assured the products are fresh. We take extra priority to deliver fresh foods, refrigerated items and frozen foods.









What are the different payment methods?

We take a range of payments from online card payment, cash payment upon delivery and card payment upon delivery using card readers.


Can I pay via cash upon delivery?

Yes you can pay via cash! Let us know when checking out your items and we can take cash upon delivery. Please note – delivery priority is placed on payments made via card payments online.


Can I pay via card upon delivery?

Yes! We have recently introduced card reader payments which means you can pay via card upon delivery. Let us know when checking out that you wish to pay via card on delivery, and we will have this arranged with the delivery driver.

What merchants do we accept?

We accept visa debit. We are working to add more onto our website. We offer different payment methods including: online payments, cash upon delivery, card payment upon delivery.


I haven’t received a payment confirmation, but payment has been taken out of my bank account?

We advise all customers you should receive all order confirmations (inc. payment confirmation receipts) within 1-3 hours of your order. If there is any issues on receiving this, please contact us on customerservice@my-emy.com


Are my credit card details safe when using this website?

Yes, we use secure payment merchants to process online payments with 100% secure encrypted payment. My-Emy does not store any card details.

As we do not store card details in instances we need to issue a refund, we will contact you for your non-sensitive bank details.







Will I get my delivery the same day?

Please select ‘same day delivery’ when checking out. We guarantee same-day delivery on all orders placed under same day delivery*.

*Time of order: 9am – 4pm for guaranteed same day delivery.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Depending on your delivery option we will deliver: same day, up to 2 days or up to 5 days.

Please note that during peak times, such as seasons (Christmas, new years) or in exceptional circumstances (corona virus outbreak) we try our best to facilitate increased deliveries – however high order volumes can increase delivery times.


How long are my chilled foods kept out during delivery?

All delivery personnel take extra care when shopping for refrigerated and frozen foods to ensure they are not kept out too long from store to transport for deliveries. From the time of in-store purchase to delivery, we guarantee the products will remain fresh.


Is my food fresh as in store purchases?

Yes, we only purchase and deliver fresh foods straight from the store. No products or fresh foods are kept in warehouses or storage facilities. They are derived directly from the store to your door.


Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver in Greater London, Uxbridge and surrounding areas within 2 mile radius.


Am I contacted prior to delivery?

Yes, a member of our team will call you prior to delivery to let you know an ETA for your delivery. If we are unable to get hold of you, we will send a message.

Please ensure you are available to take deliveries.


What are the delivery options?

There are three delivery options: Premium delivery (same day), standard delivery (upto 2 days), economy delivery (upto 5 days).


How do I leave a note for the delivery driver regarding my delivery address?

When entering your delivery address, there will be an option for ‘additional information’. Please enter the additional information the delivery driver may need to be aware of. We will ensure the driver is aware prior to delivery.






Contact information


I need to get into contact. What is the best way to speak with someone?

Please email us on customerservice@my-emy.com. Alternatively for instant response, please direct message us on our social media pages. Insta: (@brunelfoodshops), snapchat: (@brunelfoodshops).







Has corona virus affected My-Emy shopping?

We are taking orders as normal, but are following maximum quantity guidelines outlined by the retailers, due to very high demand. We understand not as many people will be shopping in-store, and resorting to online shopping on platforms like My-Emy. Therefore we have increased the number of delivery drivers to ensure your orders are prioritised.

We are currently experiencing very high demand, and it may take slightly longer to receive your order confirmation. Thank you for understanding.

We will keep you updated of any changes.


There are some products listed that may not be in store. Should I continue to order?

Yes, please continue to purchase. We will try our best to purchase the product from another store. Alternatively, we will purchase a like-to-like to ensure your needs are met in this tough time.


Do I need to register before ordering from My-Emy?

Yes, this enables you to shop and order on My-Emy.

We do not request for sensitive information when registering. We request bank details for online payments during check-out which are 100% secure and encrypted, alternatively we take other order payments (including cash and card upon delivery).


With what browsers can I use My-Emy?

Our website has been designed to work with modern desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. However, we advise that using outdated browsers will compromise your experience.

To get the best experience from the website, we advise that you have JavaScript enabled.


Can I place orders through the phone?

We are unable to take orders over the phone as we very focused on protecting our customers details and do not wish to be given sensitive information with regards to your payment information.


I’ve forgotten my login details. What should I do?

Click ‘forgotten my password’ and complete the box. We will send an automated email for you to re-access your account.

This email should be with you within a few minutes of registering. If you do not receive it, first check your spam folder as it may have been accidentally caught in there.

If you still cannot find the email, contact us by email on customerservice@my-emy.com and tell us your name and username and we will assist you further.



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