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Have your Items delivered

When an order has been placed for one of your products, EMY notifies you by email as well as in your Seller Central dashboard. EMY takes care of picking up and delivering your items to the customers.

Receive Your Payment

Payment for the balance of your order is deposited in your EMY wallet ready to be transferred to your bank account whenever you want and you receive a notification by e-mail that your payment has been sent.

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  1. Why: EMY goal is to break the traditional way people run their businesses, providing innovative and reliable products and services, talented people and a responsible and imaginative new approach to run a business. EMY is not just a place to sell and buy products and services, EMY allows users to enjoy interactions between friends, people and businesses.
  2. What: We want to assist the large number of businesses that fail as a result of not having the right tools and services at their disposal to succeed. Our goal is to provide easier and more affordable access to services to fledgling businesses and to provide small low risks opportunities to small business to test new markets and attract new customers. Most importantly for us is to break the way people run businesses making them more compatible with the online trend. We aim to provide tools and services with great ease of access, by offering our users a range of options at competitive rates.


  1. Flexibility: Benefit from a “pay as you go” pricing plan. Fees will only be charged depending on the package you choose at the registration process. “Starter Free, Standard, Premium, Ultimate”. You can check our packages down below.
    Businesses are allowed to cancel their subscription and delete their shop at any given time by simply deleting their account.
    Note: Businesses choosing any of this packages; Standard, Premium or Ultimate have “One month trial”. During the trial period businesses are allowed to cancel their subscription by deleting their account and get refunded. “It will take us up to two weeks to process your refund request”.
  2. Access to customers in your area and beyond: Your items become easier to find and easier to buy. People come to EMY to interact and buy the products they are looking for.
  3. Easy delivery service available: Products are collected in your store by one of our collectors and directly delivered to your costumer.


EMY allows you to upgrade or downgrade from Starter Free to Ultimate as you wish; however, every time that is done EMY will charge you accordingly with the package cost: Example: Registration with free Account Upgrade to Standard Account Registration cost (£24.99), after registration we only charge £6 per Month. After registration, a business will only be able to upgrade or downgrade their package the following month.

To register you will need:
  1. Your credit card
  2. Your phone number
  3. Your personal details
  4. Your bank account details
List of tasks you will need to do:

We can also send an EMY adviser to help you with the inventory. This service is only available for Premium and Ultimate accounts and is “Free of charge”. Starter and Standard accounts will not be able to receive it unless they upgrade their account.

How much does it cost?

  • Businesses can choose which plan they would like to purchase and can upgrade at any time. Once they have registered with their plan, they can upload their products to create their online presence.
  • Type of Accounts:   Starter Free,   Standard,   Premium,   Ultimate
    Starter Free:
    Standard/ 1 Month Trial; Registration cost (£24.99), after registration we only charge £6 per Month
    Premium/ 1 Month Trial; Registration cost (£34.99), after registration we only charge £8 per Month (Recommended) MOST POPULAR
    Ultimate/ 1 Month Trial; Registration cost (£45.99), after registration we only charge £10 per Month

    Basket Total

    Pricing example with Free account user using a “Light (MY) 2 days delivery” Shipping Class Cost: £5.50”

    EMY Fee

    "Note that EMY takes 5% of any item sold when transaction it's paid in"